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Setup your CHAX database over a network (8.0 only)
Last Updated: 10/13/2008
To share your CHAX 8.0 database over a network, please follow these instructions:

  1. Copy and paste your default database folder (C:\Program Files\Chax Inc\CHAXDATA) to a shared network drive like P:\CHAXDATA
  2. Open "My Computer" to folder C:\Program Files\CHAX Inc\XMLDIR\
  3. Right click on "chax.xml" and select EDIT or OPEN WITH....(then select NOTEPAD)
  4. You should see this code:
  5. Change the entire <DATAHOME> line from C:\Program Files\CHAX Inc\CHAXDATA\, should read something like this: <DATAHOME>Y:\PUTYOURDATAPATHHERE\</DATAHOME>

    Where <DATAHOME>  any folder </DATAHOME>, any folder is the exact path of your chax database (including the last backslash "\" symbol)
  6. Save the chax.xml
  7. Test by opening CHAX 8.0

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