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“Unable to connect to QuickBooks, HRESULT=” error message
Last Updated: 01/06/2010


“Unable to connect to QuickBooks, HRESULT = XXXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXX)

This application has not accessed this QuickBooks company data file before. The QuickBooks administrator must grant an application permission to access a QuickBooks company data file for the first time.”

If you are running the QuickBooks software from a server (terminal or citrix) or Windows 7/Vista, please skip to Option #2.

Option # 1

  1. Open QuickBooks, and open an existing company (or sample company).
  2. Login to the company file as the “ADMIN” username.
  3. Open MCSetup and select “I am running QuickBooks”.
  4. An application certificate will appear if the connection has been made.
  5. Grant the application MultiChax access to the company data file.
  6. Continue in MCSetup.

Option # 2

  1. Right click on the link and download the Multichax Workaround here:
  2. Save the file under c:\multichx\
  3. When you open MCSETUP.exe, instead of selecting “I AM RUNNING QUICKBOOKS”, select instead, “I AM RUNNING QUICKEN”
  4. You will then have to validate quicken is installed by browsing for the c:\multichx\quicken.ico file (generated by mcquicken.exe)

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