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PRINT YOUR OWN CHECKS! Save up to $50 OFF by purchasing MultiCHAX today. This offer won't last.

Print QuickBooks MICR encoded checks on blank check stock Fast!

    Eliminates Costly Pre-Printed Checks
      Compatible With Any Version of QuickBooks™ or Peachtree
        Create an Unlimited Number of Checks
          Prints Signatures and Logos
            Boost Your Productivity
              Prevent Human Error

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                Have you ever experienced printing checks on the wrong bank account? Even if you haven't, you can see why this would be a complete disaster. Printing checks with multiple bank accounts means that you have to keep these checks in stock, and switch them out as you print for another account. This process is costly and time consuming. MultiCHAX is the revolutionary check printing software which allows automatic bank account selection, virtually eliminating human error. The added bonus with this system is the use of inexpensive blank check forms. No longer will you need to stock multiple checks with different bank account.


                No special hardware required. All you need is a printer and standard blank check forms. You can also print checks from any accounting program including, but not limited to: QuickBooks™, Quicken™, Great Plains™, Solomon™, Peachtree™, MAS 90™, ACCPAC™ or any other Windows based software.


                Priced as low as $99, it will not break your budget, and the savings of printing your own checks will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. MultiCHAX is the most cost effective check writing software available anywhere.

                Ready to see the difference it can make by printing your own checks?

                Watch this video to see how it works with QuickBooks!

                Check Printing Software for A/P and Payroll

                Print Your Own Checks on Blank Forms with MICR in 1-step
                • Using MultiCHAX®, you can create both payable and payroll checks, complete with the MICR encoding, logo, signatures, and payment information. You can do all this in a single-step using MultiCHAX®.
                • Print electronic signatures directly on your blank check stock and preprinted checks. You can even add a second signature line when needed.
                • Let MultiCHAX®select the correct bank account for you, virtually eliminating human error of printing on the wrong forms.
                • Canadian checks also available.
                MultiCHAX is a check printing software for QuickBooks , Sage 50 and other accounting programs.

                1 workstation license
                Free email support
                Free chat/phone support for the first 30 days after purchase
                *Additional support may be purchased
                NOTE: This product is non-refundable and is a downloadable product only. 

                Order Now and Save!

                You can use blank forms to print your checks so your vital banking information is protected and there’s less risk of fraud or theft.

                In addition to protecting your bank information, with CHECK PRINTING SOFTWARE you can:

                • Save money by only needing one check form in stock
                • Easily configure it with most accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree
                • Change your check layout anytime and adjust fields to match your brand
                • Avoid costly check printing fees and reduce the risk of human error